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Andrea Szigetvári


Andrea Szigetvári, Hungary - Composer, Sounddesigner and PerformerAndrea Szigetvári studied sound recording and electroacoustic music at Fr. Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. After finishing her studies she worked as a music editor, sound engineer, musical producer for Hungaroton Recording Company and Hungarian Radio.
She has worked at the Institute of Musicology as a member of the first computer music research project in Hungary.
In 1989 she was a Fulbright researcher in the USA. First she worked at Brooklyn College with Charles Dodge, later at Stanford University with John Chowning.

After returning from the USA in 1990 she funded the Hungarian Computer Music Foundation to help to develop contemporary music life in Hungary.

From the beginning of ‘90-ies she has been the main organizer of the composition and computer music course of the International Bartók Festival, the Short Circuits contemporary music days and from 1998 the Making New Waves contemporary music festival.
Between 1993 and 1995 she developed the musical informatic course’s curriculum at Pécs University and the electronic music curriculum for the Liszt F. Academy of Music in Budapest. 1995 she started to teach musical informatics in the Pécs University and in 1996 she started to teach electronic music at the Liszt F. Academy of Music in Budapest.

In 2001 she received two “Prix” of the a Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition in multimedia and sounart categories.
Her creative and reserch work concentrate mainly on the role of the timbre in new music.

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