Winfried Ritsch

1964 Born and childhood in Tyrol/Austria.

highschool diploma, diploma for electrotechnic-sound engineering at the Technical University in Graz/Austria

1989 working at the Institute for Electronic Music (IEM) at the University for Music and Dramatic Art Graz, since 2000 as a Professor

Compositions in the field of computermusic for tape, instruments, sound-installations and some soloworks with computer.

Foundation of the sound-atelier algorythmics, formation of and projects with the artist group ”Fond” in Graz. Formation and leading the Art-Internet-Initiative

1994, award for composition of the city Graz/Austria.

1995, artist in residence at National Art Centre/Canada, Banff.

1996, guest artist at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz/Austria

1997, Max-Brandt award for composition, Vienna

2001 member of the ”Medienbeirat” of the art section of the kundeskanzleramts austria.

Working with radio media and Internet, realization of performances, installations, works on telematic and network projects. Concerts and compositions.